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Our solution focused approach is designed to help clients find the appropriate solution in as little as six weeks (three sprints).  We take a client value chain based approach, aligned to the clients strategy, and design the technical solution based upon those factors. Our initial three sprints begin with gaining a deep understanding the current client technical ecosystem. Core technology designs are closely aligned with the client’s business objectives and results in a business solution ready for development; including strategy, roadmap deployment plan, and detailed user stories.The Bannockburn approach is based upon best-practice, agile scrum methodologies and solid software engineering practices. We also have a set of Cloud Native Digital Accelerators including our out of the box IAC, API, Microservice, UI and test automation packages. These accelerators enable us to rapidly spin up appropriate development and production environments in minutes, configure robust CI/CD pipelines and automate deployments rapidly. Our API accelerators are able to automatically analyze existing databases, and construct robust microservice APIs. This facilitates developing real software quickly, while our competitors can take weeks to get started.Bannockburn currently has 20 development resources with the ability to quickly scale beyond 100 resources. We use a blend of onsite, offshore and remote resources utilizing the latest in collaborative communication technologies.

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Core System Modernization

At Bannockburn, our founders have served dozens of enterprise clients over the years.  Each and every client had a legacy core system that impeded their ability to innovate and drive desired business outcomes.  These systems are typically expensive to maintain and have brittle architectural designs that are a product of a bygone era.

Outdated administration systems typically have layers of functionality that have been built over time, making them difficult to understand and update.  This can hamper an organization’s ability to respond with agility to a volatile marketplace. You may not be able to control many forces that will shape your requirements and user preferences over the years to come, but you can control how well your technology platforms position you to meet evolving needs and expectations.

Bannockburn’s core systems modernization methodology provides an opportunity to redesign technology and business logic from the ground up.  Using modern, scalable tools, software development practices, and automation to align with enterprise strategy and establish a digital foundation that can help you adapt to changes that lie ahead.

Software Development

Your business demands are unique, and your software solution should be too. Custom software, built on the appropriate digital foundation is a leading source of competitive advantage for companies of all sizes in all verticals. It’s not enough that software meets today’s business needs, it must meet tomorrow’s business needs as well. It must be architected to change from the start.

Bannockburn specializes in developing bespoke software solutions that are a competitive advantage for our clients.  We start with 12 factor application principles to build cloud native microservice components and an eye toward scalable solutions from the start.  When the appropriate architectural foundations and automation capabilities are in place from the beginning, your company's software can change as your business changes and compete far into the future.

Large Scale Integration

Legacy systems typically communicate via large batch files, on a nightly basis or heavy SOAP integrations.  These legacy messaging capabilities are often fraught with years of in-flight message transformations and stored procedures to massage data once it gets to the database.  Often these integration and messaging systems are the result of years of well intentioned individuals driving toward a specific date because of limited budgets.  Additionally, traditional waterfall project management processes mean as these dates and budgets begin to expire, shortcuts are taken to be able to declare victory, only to leave boatloads of technical debt to be dealt with at some point in the future.